How to cut your learning hours if you’re in college?

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One of the most daunting issues any college student faces is learning. In 2014, an average college student dedicated 17 hours per week learning or preparing for the courses. The preparation included homework, essays, test preparations, and reading, as well as many other requirements. It’s too much time, especially when compared to the fact that many courses require additional, off-classroom activities such as volunteering or practical learning.

Learning styles: find your shortcut through college

In college, students prevail to their preferred style of learning, which they’ve developed based on their natural preferences. There are several different learning styles, including visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary style. Each of them is based on the dominant intelligence premise, used to obtain and process the information you receive by your senses.

learning styles and technology

Most students, however, adapt to verbal learning style, which focuses on reading and writing as a primary way to gather and process the information. Most courses are in fact based on using your words, both written and spoken, to learn about different phenomena. However, verbal learning style can be followed by some other, such as logical (using logical reasoning to get the information), social (learning in a group), or solitary (learning by yourself).

Although it’s the most common way to learn, reading and writing come with downsides, which many students find the number one reason for not obtaining the results that equal the amount of time invested in learning. They struggle to get the maximum while still trying to save some time for extracurricular activities or a social life. Even when they do a study in a group, they’re not satisfied with the results.

How technology can help cutting learning hours

It’s nothing new in using technology in education or college. The digitalization of curriculums has been happening for quite some time now, and many experts predict that this trend will only continue to grow. Students have the opportunity to follow courses online, which severely cuts the time spent in the classroom. Besides that, the course requirements such as reading, tests, exams, and other are available in online form, which many students find easier to accomplish.

learning aids

But, when it comes to learning and preparation, there seems to lack that efficiency of relying on technology. Many students would like to use a device that is a combination of a laptop and an e-book reader, which would help them to cut the time spent in shifting their focus from screen to notebook. Luckily, with Entourage Edge, they can have the comfort they need. With its unique design which consists of two separate screens, a student can do the reading and writing at the same time, without splitting their focus. This way they’ll save time spent in shifting from notebook to the laptop. One screen functions as a tablet and can be used in taking notes, online researching, or e-mail correspondence with the tutor. On the other screen, a student can read his material without interrupting it with writing. That way, they’ll do more work in the same amount of time but without taking breaks or pausing the learning over reading.