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This blog is focused on sharing valuable content that relates to tablet and e-book reader, EnTourage eDGe. The product was first introduced in 2011, starting to grab the growing interest among scholars and the academic community. Thanks to its hybrid construction, which derives from the fact that EnTourage eDGe is both a tablet and an e-book reader, users recognized his universal application in reading, learning, and online researching.

The idea for this hybrid Android tablet and e-book reader came from the Electronic Educational Complex project, in which EnTourage eDGE formed a hardware basis for providing the cloud-based technology for teaching-learning process. With that in mind, the developers of EnTourage eDGE find the way to combine e-Ink and polychromatic LED technology, to give users the most advanced reading and learning experience.

This dual-touchscreen device gives users an interactive, multimedia display features which can be combined with everyday activities. Because of its physical characteristics, such as portability, light weightiness, and compactedness, EnTourage eDGe is the ultimate piece of technology which can be used beyond the academic community. Business owners, managers, CEO’s, and experts in various fields should consider adding EnTourage eDGe to their workstation, helping them get their documents organized and easy access throughout the work day.

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