Taking A Look At The Top Architecture Apps For Tablets And Phones

It is a commonly accepted fact that technology is rapidly changing the notion of design. You may be well aware that from touch screen drafting boards to 3D printing, the scope of innovative hardware is immense. On the contrary, there has also been a revolution in the way today’s architects are harnessing the software. By utilizing these types of software and applications, the authors are coming up with new ideas, which in turn allow them to handle and design projects on the go. With the advent of Smartphones, it is kind of interesting to note that architectural apps have proliferated at an extraordinary rate. Quite phenomenally, the best apps among them have completely changed the working method of various architects. Moreover, with the cross-platform characteristics of these apps coming to the forefront, these apps can now be used on multiple devices like Smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The architects in Joe Nahas Construction Company are increasingly using various architectural apps and bringing a change in the construction and architecture industry. Here is the list of top design apps that can be accessed from both mobiles and tablets.


BIMx eXplorer

It is frequently considered as one of the hallmark applications from the house of GRAPHISOFT. On the other hand, as per many technology journals, this is one of the best applications that an architect can use. This app features the BIMx Hyper-Model which is often regarded as an innovative technology. Moreover, this model also allows every design team member to have immediate access to detailed 3D and 2D documentation. It has a mobile friendly interface which is another reason behind its popularity. It puts information in the palm of an architect’s hand.


It is often known as one of the best 3D architecture applications in the world. It is being developed by Rhino. With this application, one can view 3D architectural models in any file format. This is an app that is ideal for architects working on any platform. This feature makes it a versatile app that can be used anywhere at any time on vivid numbers of mobile platforms.


AutoCAD 360

It is a valuable tool for the architects since the time of its inception. It is available on the leading mobile platforms free of cost which in turn allows the designer to measure while being on the site. It can also help an architect to annotate and draw with comments and images. There is a pro version of this application also available on the leading mobile platforms. The pro version is priced at 5 dollars per month. It allows the users to have access to additional features which also includes greater editing capabilities.

SketchUp Mobile Viewer

It is an essential viewing application for any regular user who is an ardent fan of 3D drawings. Hence, it can be used by architects too. It has a Tape Measure tool to view dimensions, selection panes, and scene animations. It is available on most of the major mobile platforms.