Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Entourage Edge Screen

alt droid s6

As the world of Smartphone continues to amuse everyone, it also comes with new innovations. The Entourage Edge Screen is an innovative product that has emerged from the wave of current Smartphone trends. While Samsung Galaxy S6 is not to be ignored, both products now fight for supremacy in the industry. Read on to discover the differences between Samsung Galaxy S6 and Entourage Edge Screen.

Curved Or Straight – Displays:

Visual remains the biggest talking point and difference between the Entourage Edge and Samsung S6. The Edge comes with 2560 x 1440 pixels, 5.1-inch curved panel with super AMOLED display. In the case you’ll need to unlock sprint galaxy s6 to discover the display, it remains the same with the exception of the curved panel. The curved panel of the Entourage Edge gives it an advantage over Samsung Galaxy S6. Another amazing thing to know is that the Entourage Edge remains the premier phone without bezel on each side. This makes the product slimmer and cooler than Samsung S6. The curved screen also helps the Edge to display extra functionalities, which makes a product of the future.   The demo has even more info.

Battery Size:

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is designed with a non-removable battery. On Wi-Fi, the Galaxy S6 will work continuously for about twelve hours. Fast charging has been the biggest trick of the Galaxy S6. Studies have shown that you can use the S6 for 3-4 hours with only ten minutes of charging it. Within twenty minutes, the S6 will charge from one percent to full. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a fast charging feature than any phone before it.

In the case of the Entourage Edge, its battery is slightly two percent bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S6. The Entourage Edge battery longevity on a daily basis is more than the Galaxy S6.

Call Quality:

The performance and signal strength may not affect both phones significantly. When using EE Wireless Calling, Samsung Galaxy S6 displayed consistent strong signal strength. In the case of the Entourage Edge, there is a significant drop in the call quality. On this note, it is unequivocal that the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a better call quality when compared to the flagships of other Smartphones.

Thickness And Lightness:

With care comparison of the design and physical appearance of both phones, the Entourage Edge comes out to be thicker and lighter. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a thickness of 6.8mm and weighs 138g. The Entourage Edge is 7mm thick and weighs 12g. This implies that the Entourage Edge is 0.2mm thicker and 6 grams lighter. Both Smartphones come with special metal rims and have corning gorilla glass on the back and front. The Entourage Edge will garner great comments and glances everywhere you go. It also looks comely at first glance, making the Entourage Edge pretty attractive.


Without any iota of doubt, both phones are designed to unleash a plethora of magnificent features. However, the Entourage Edge may slight have some advantages than the Samsung Galaxy S6. To confirm the great differences highlighted in this content, you can give it a try.   Read more on the official site