The most promising portable technology for 2018

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We can all say that 2017 was a phenomenal year in terms of portable device invention. Well in 2018 we are expecting more mind-blowing and fascinating portable devices.

To begin with one of the best portable devices is the Fire HD 8 tablet. With this device in 2018, you don’t have to carry a library of books around anymore. With a memory of 16GB and an expandable 200GB, you can have 1000 electronic books all by yourself. Some other great features that come with the device are an 8 display, a 12-hour long-life battery, and a 1.3 GHz quad processor.

Whether used for entertainment or educational purposes, this device will be a game changer. The device can connect to the internet allowing you to use services like Netflix, Twitter, and Facebook. The tablets come in a wide range of colours including black, blue, tangerine and magenta. It is currently available for $100.This Portable Projector Guide by

For those who love gaming, 2018 just got better. The computer brand, Alienware has been known to produce the best gaming laptops that go ahead to surpass the PlayStation and the X-box. The latest invention is the Alienware3831SLV. This is the laptop every gamer will be dying to set their hands on.

The features of the laptop allow it to play any kind of virtual game for the next five years. It is a core i7, with a processor of 3.5GHz and a 6GB graphics memory. If you want to really boost up your gaming experience, try pairing it with a portable projector.  This will make you feel like you’re actually in the game.  Check out this Portable Projector Guide by for some of the best buys in 2018.  As for the Alienware3831SLV, it supports a 128GB SD card drive, with storage up to 1TB, while the RAM is 16GB. It comes with already installed windows 10. The device is available for $1,607.

When it comes to travelling there are a number of promising gadgets in 2018, but the most outstanding is the Bluesmart luggage pack. The pack can never get lost. It comes with a GPS tracker that allows you to follow it up wherever it goes. It is controlled by a mobile app. It even makes you worry less about charging your phone since it comes with an inbuilt power bank that could charge your phone up to 6 times.

For those who love walking or running, the seat pack will be essential when you need to take quick breaks. It has the shape of a can and can be spread anywhere. It encourages users to sit in an upright posture allowing much-needed blood circulation.

This Portable Projector Guide by Mobilesiri.comFinally, we look at the jet lag calculator. This is one mind-blowing technology that we are looking forward to using in 2018. The jet lag calculator will help you get back to being normal especially if you are having a holiday. However, before using the device makes sure you fill out the details three days before travelling for maximum efficiency.  For those who travel a lot year round, this device will be a lifesaver.

With 2018 just getting started, there’s plenty of awesome portable gadgets to look forward to this year.  Now the only question becomes, which one do you buy?