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Print on the Go from Your Android Device with These 7 Apps

When you’re a student or someone who is running a business, you’ll surely use a printer frequently. However, when you’re not at home or in the office, or your machine requires printer repair, you need alternatives to get hard copies of your files. Especially when all you have with you is your tablet or your e-reader.

This can be a problem when you suddenly receive an email from your teacher asking for your paper or a client requesting a proposal draft ASAP.

Luckily, with WIFI connection and a compatible printer, you will have a quick solution to this problem. Just make sure you have any of these 7 printing applications and you can get things done swiftly and efficiently. You no longer have to worry about sending in those documents late.

1. PrinterOn

If you frequently go on business trips or are traveling on holiday during your school break, then this app will surely come in handy. Through your device’s GPS system, you can locate any printer that is enabled by PrinterOn. Which means, you can quickly find one within your vicinity, making it easier for you to get your task done.

Through this application, you can send printing jobs to a compatible machine nearest to you. You’ll be given a code, which you need to punch in on any enabled printer in multiple locations across the globe. Plus, you can check the preview of the file before printing it. Super convenient, don’t you think?

2. Print Hammermill

When you need to print out files from Google cloud storage and social media platforms like Facebook, then this useful Android app will help you simplify the tedious process.

You can use this in tandem with a vast number of printer models from various manufacturers through either WIFI, USB, or Bluetooth connectivity. Hence, printing office and school documents, attachments, emails, images, and photo albums can be easier. Most of all, it does not require in-app purchases.

3. HP iPrint Photo

If you happen to have an HP printer that is WIFI-enabled and you want to print photos from your device’s camera quickly, then this is probably the best solution for you. Simply connect your Android tablet or e-reader to the same wireless network as the printer and you can then remotely access the machine.

4. Cloud Print plus

Since its inception in 2011, this application has been downloaded more than 2 million times. Thus, cementing its status as one of Google Play’s most popular printer apps.

Supporting Google Cloudprint, it allows printing documents from the cloud storage on almost every WIFI-enabled printer.

Features include SMS, contact list, and webpage printing, as well as an effective printer management system. You can also use this app to print from Facebook and any cloud storage services such as Dropbox and OneDrive.

5. Printjinni

If you are looking for an app that provides a wide array of print options such as duplex printing, paper size customization, and color adjustment, then this might be the one for you. Compatible with all Office programs and with Cloud storage, this enables you to print out files directly from your personal email or via web. It is designed to work with printers from major brands.

  1. Epson iPrint

Developed exclusively for Epson printers, this app allows you to print out files from your smartphone or tablet device without much hassle. With the use of a common wireless network, you can have hard copies of your documents while on the go.

Furthermore, this includes a scanning functionality which enables you to have a digital copy of any paperwork that you might need. Which means you get to carry less especially if you are planning on going away for a business trip or a holiday.

7. Canon Easy-PhotoPrint

When you have wireless-enabled Canon printers, then this will definitely help streamline the printing process.

This Android app automatically searches for nearby devices on a unique WIFI network, making it no longer necessary for you to connect your tab or e-reader through a USB or Bluetooth connection. This also enables you to scan documents directly into your mobile device.


With these Google Play apps, being on top of your school or business work is easier even when on the go. No more scouring for printers and packing bulky file folders for you.