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Latest Tech News

Drop shipping: Guide 101

Drop shipping is a method of managing the supply chain. This is a method in which the retailer does not stock up the goods but delivers it to the customer directly from the manufacturer or a whole sealer. The process is very simple. Generally the retailer stocks up the goods in the warehouse. He or she sells them to his customers when they need it. There are possibilities that the expected sales might not happen. The drop shipping eliminates this scenario and creates the win-win situation for everyone.
Most of the shopify stores offers the drop shipping facility. It helps to run the business with the hassles of logistics. So there is absolutely no worries of inventory, packaging and also transportations. Here are some advantages of drop shipping.


The setup process

The set up process is very easy. The process involves only three steps. The first one is to find the supplier. The second is to build a proper website. The third is to market and start selling. The process of setting a properly functioning supply chain is a humongous task which the drop shipping eliminates.

The cost factor
When it comes to setting a store with the traditional business model, the predominant cost goes into the purchasing the inventory and running the store. The purchasing of the inventory which takes the major part of the investment is eliminated by the dropshipping method. So one can spend more on running the site and marketing it.

Less worry about the sales
We are saying that the owner of the site need not worry about the sales. The fact is there no goods stored in the inventory. If the business has already purchased the goods and has stored in the inventory, there is pressure to make the sales. It is because the owner needs to get the returns on what he has invested at the same time purchase the next order to continue the sales.

No constraint in location

All drop shipping needs is a properly functioning website. One can work from anywhere. The person can either work from his house or from a coffee shop. The only requirement of the person is properly functioning electronic device with the internet access.

The diversity in the business
One of the biggest advantages when it comes to dropping shipping is that any product can be sold on the website. There is not much of constraints or restrictions. One can either concentrate one product or can sell a wide range of products. All you need to do is zero on the products that you are going to sell in your site and find the supplier for it.

Less Risk
In a traditional business model, there is a lot of risks involved. But the drop shipping model the only thing that needs to be concentrated is sending orders to the supplier. Market your site properly, send orders to the supplier and get the profits.

Loss of damaged goods
The loss that is created by damaged goods is one of the very common things to occur in traditional methods. In drop shipping since the shipment is between the supplier and the customer the loss by the damaged goods is completely eliminated.

Top things you should know about Amazon’s Affiliate Program:

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting a product or a service for a third party and earning a small amount of commission when a customer makes a purchase. There are many websites which make profits through affiliate marketing, and Amazon is one such site. Amazon Associates are just like any other cost per action programs where you can earn money by promoting Amazon products on your site. They were one of the very first sites which used affiliate marketing to promote their products. The following are some of the things you should know about Amazon’s affiliate program:

Amazon Affiliate is a trustworthy program:


When you post an ad which redirects to Amazon’s site, there are more chances for customers to make a purchase as Amazon is a popular site and many people trust that site. So when you sign up with Amazon for the affiliate program, you are likely to make more money as many people will blindly trust Amazon.

Earn high-commission:

Affiliate marketing works in a way that if you help in selling a product which is priced high you also get a higher commission. Thus, by selling a product which is highly priced on Amazon, you can make a lot of money. You can also make money when the customer makes additional purchases in the same site. In a site like Amazon, the customers have the opportunity to actually look into a lot of products.

Thus, the chances of them making another purchase are quite high, and if they end up making a purchase, you are in for a real treat.

Festive seasons are the best:

How many of us buy stuff off the internet to give away as presents during Christmas? Most of us feel lazy to go to the store to make our purchases and thus try to order something off Amazon in the last minute. During the festive seasons, you can expect your profits to be higher than usual.

Signing up is made quite simple:

The entire startup process is extremely simple, and anyone with a basic understanding of the business will be able to sign up successfully. The integration of your site and blogs with Amazon is simple, and Amazon provides you with the relevant information and resources and makes the entire sign up process very simple for all its affiliate marketers.

The biggest retailer in the world:

Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world, and you get a lot of value when you promote their products. Most of the time you just have to send them visitors, and they have various ideas and promotions to convert those visitors into buying customers. You can get about 6.5% as commission if you make 31 sales in a month, which is pretty good if your visitors make a lot of purchase. To know more about the affiliate market reviews you can check out Clickfunnels.

Taking a look at the new features of iOS 11

It was like a moment we have all been waiting for. Apple has finally unveiled its new Ipad and Iphone operating system IOS 11 right there at the annual conference for developers. There has been a lot of upgrades on the new software which include Iphone to Iphone payment and “do not disturb while driving mode” among others. This software promises to be amazing and to give a different experience to Iphone users. This software will be available in July. You can now stop waiting and download IOS 11 Beta in your Iphone 7

If you are still wondering what these new IOS 11 features are, then allow me tell you about them all.

Redesigned Messager

Apple imessage has taken a new turn with this IOS, a you can now synchronize messages across devices, so once you delete a message from one app, it will automatically delete it from every other places.  The iMessage also has a users payment through iMessage. If another user sends a message asking for payment, the software is capable of immediately recommending and a making the payment so you can quickly reimburse friends.

Smart Siri

Do you know that the Apple Siri Virtual assistant has a makeover now having more natural male and female voice and ability to translate languages from Chinese, German, French, and Italian to English and vice versa. Without losing a management in this, it can also be used for task management.

Better Camera and Photograph

Now this one of the most amazing things about Iphone and the new IOS 11. The camera in the IOS has a series of updates. It improved with better compression once you capture an image, make a video without losing the image or video quality. Still clear, sharp and colorful and also to add to it there is better low light photography through its dual camera.


Peer-toPeer Apple Payment

Apple added one of the most anticipated features of all which is the peer-to-peer payment system. This simply allows you to pay someone that is with in iMessage, this can easily be verified through the in-built fingerprint scanner and touch ID.

The Map

The map tool is now more sophisticated that before. It now adds speed limits guidance and even lane navigators. Now it means less problems for drivers to worry about.

Do Not Disturb Mode

This mode is one mode that will safe alive. In this new IOS, you can put your mobile phone on a “do not disturb mode while driving.”

The new looks is impressive

More than ever before, Apple took their time to make something that is attractive, with beautiful interface, yet simple. The redesign is really good having a 3D touch, user press for further details and even much more in-depth information.

Apple is really committed to make not just any product but a product that will provide and solve some of the problems that people face.

How the Gaming Industry is Becoming a Huge Money Maker for Both Those Who Build Games and Those Who Play Them

Among the fastest developing industries across the world is the gaming industry, its current growth rate is more than 20% each year. Games have been developed for people spanning various ages ranging from children to grandparents. Right now the gaming industry is booming and it’s at this time a $40 billion dollar business and you can play games for money on BattleForge. Trillions of gaming websites can be found on the internet with each and every website catering various kinds of games for people of diverse interest.

*Games Developers

Game designers were the main ones to take advantage from the internet and consequently increasing computer gaming to networks.
If you can get your head around computer programming, you could wind up working on the biggest titles for consoles like the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.
The proliferation of games and apps for platforms like the iPhone has made it possible for anyone to develop games and sell them from the comfort of their own homes. If you’re idea is good enough, you could become one of the many developers to make huge sums creating and selling their games.

Developers utilize gaming websites for online advertising. Once these websites become popular, marketers view it as a gain to advertise their services and products on them. These websites generate a lot of money by marketing which makes it achievable for them to provide users with several games free of cost hence benefiting those playing them.

Lately, the tendency of featuring video ads has grown to be very much popular. According to research, people get more fascinated to video ads playing just prior to the game begins rather compared to static advertisements. For the websites, video ads produce more earnings for the sites and at the same time it also decreases the mess by taking nearly no space.  For information on going to college to learn how to make video games check this link out.

*Players can earn through:

-Pro Gaming
Pro gamers compete in tournaments with big cash prizes and the events are even televised. You’ll need to be a really exceptional gamer to pull this off.

-Selling Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guides
If you’ve got a particular game nailed, you can turn your expertise into cash. You could write an eBook outlining strategies and walk throughs for the game, or you could even offer up saved game files with all accomplishments unlocked, either through your own web site or eBay.

-Writing about Video Games
This is one of the areas of making money from video gaming that has a very low barrier to entry. If you can string a sentence together you can write reviews and articles on video games and sell them on online article sites. If you’re good enough, you can try and get a job with one of the many video games magazines and turn writing about video games into a real and lucrative career.

-Game Testing Job
How to become a game tester And among the positions that’s in high demand will be the game testing position. When video games developers invest big sums into their latest titles, they want to make sure that they’re going to actually work. All the big developers need committed gamers to test out their latest titles and there are a number of sites dedicated to helping you find the jobs available with these companies.

Low Cost Gadgets and Tech Must Haves in 2018

The gadgets and tech accessories have changed our lives a lot and we are now living a much better life as compared to the past. In the past, we were supposed to spend a lot of time on completing several tasks. But now we can get these tasks done within a very short span of time. Some gadgets and tech accessories are really expensive and everybody can’t purchase them. Some of these accessories are supposed to add some extra comfort to our lives.

Usually, people do not buy these gadgets because they do not consider them to be very important. But there are some gadgets and tech accessories that are very important in 2018 and one must purchase those gadgets as soon as possible. Otherwise, they’d have to face a lot of trouble in the absence of these gadgets.

The gadgets are usually considered to be really expensive but the ones we are going to talk about are easily affordable and one can purchase them without having to be worried about any kind of budget issues. Today, we are going to take a look at some low-cost gadgets and tech accessories that one must have in 2018. And we guarantee you that these gadgets would make your life more convenient.

Smart plug

The smart plug is the most basic need of every home nowadays. And there are many different types of smart plugs available. These plugs look like the normal plugs that we use in our homes but they have the ability to perform some things that an average plug can’t. For example, these plugs have the ability to control the electric supply in your home. Similarly, you can operate these plugs with the help of your smartphone. It means that you can turn them on and off even if you are not at home. There are several other benefits that are found in the electric plugs.

Smart earbuds

Whether you are a music lover or not, the earbuds are one of your most basic needs. Sometimes, we use the earbuds to attend a call and sometimes, we use them to listen to a particular message. In this situation, it is important that you purchase the best budget earbuds on the market so that you can enjoy the excellent sound quality.

Smart electric bulbs

The smart electric bulbs will be very helpful in reducing your energy bills. So, you should install the smart electric bulbs in your home as soon as possible. These bulbs will instantly turn on when somebody enters the room and they’d be turned off automatically if there isn’t any movement in the room. They can also be operated with all types of smartphones.

How to Protect Your Data from Being Stolen and Misuse?

Data protection is really important in the world of the internet because it contains a lot of information about a company. The companies initially don’t pay any attention to this aspect and then start crying when someone takes their entire effort away from them. In fact, data protection is not only important for the companies but for the regular internet users as well because there are many hackers that are always in the struggle of stealing information of innocent people and use it for illegal purposes.

So, whether you are running a company or not, you need to pay a lot of attention to protecting your personal data. The good thing is that the cybersecurity experts are aware of the attempts that hackers are making in order to steal the information of innocent citizens. Therefore, the cybersecurity experts have designed multiple software products to provide excellent protection to the users.

In today’s world, everything is connected online. In fact, our refrigerator, fire alarms, security cameras and many other important things are now connected to the internet. And we can easily operate them the way we want. But this ease of access has also opened new doors for the hackers to get into your system. And you need to stop these hackers from getting in there and protect your system from unusual attempts.

Here are the tips to protect your data from being stolen and misuse.

Buy software

The software products are the best solution to protect your data from being stolen. There are software products available for users from all walks of life. Whether you are running a business or using devices personally, you can find a software for your safety. So, go and get the best software for your data protection.

Visit authentic sites only

The hackers usually use different ways to get into your computer. For example, they will offer you a free spin where you may spin the wheel and win the prizes. After winning the prize, you’d have to submit your email address in order to claim your reward. Once you have submitted the email address, the game starts and the hacker starts making several attempts to get into your computer. Therefore, you should avoid visiting unauthentic sites.


Sometimes, we connect our devices with our friends to transfer the data. This is the most sensitive thing and you should avoid doing it because if your friend’s device is affected by the virus, the virus would ultimately enter your device while you are sharing the data. As a result, your device will put your entire information at risk.

How to increase user experience on mobile and tablet devices: an expert view

The user experience is the most important part of engaging your customers. The user experience makes your visitor feel comfortable. If you have not built quality user experience, the users will feel uncomfortable and they’d leave your web page due to irritating features. That’s the main reason why most of the top websites have hired the expert designers to build the perfect user experience for the visitors.

So, if your visitors are running away from your website within a few seconds, then it is a sign that your website’s interface isn’t fulfilling the requirements of your visitors and it needs to be changed. First of all, you need to figure that which devices your visitors are using to visit your website. Most of the users are nowadays using mobile and tablet devices to visit a website because nobody wants to sit in front of a computer to visit a website.

So, we have brought some essential tips about how you can increase user experience on mobile and tablet devices. These tips will not only help in keeping your visitors engaged but they will also help increase conversion rate on your website. Here are the tips to increase user experience on mobile and tablet devices.

Use compressed code

The compressed code is really important when you are trying to increase user experience on mobile and tablet devices. This helps in loading your website faster on different devices. Make sure that you do not use a lot of heavy objects on the website as they may reduce the loading speed of your website and as a result, the visitors will leave your website. Make sure that you do not use a lot of HD images on the website as it can also affect the loading speed.

Build an app

The app is the best way of targeting your customers on mobile and tablet devices. It takes only a few extra bucks to build an app for your website. But it will help you get more customers and more conversions. All you need to do is to hire an expert developer to build the app and your job will be done. However, promoting the app may be a problem because you can only promote it through your website. And there are not enough visitors that are visiting your website regularly.

In this situation, you can use your social media account to promote your app. If you don’t have enough visitors on your social media profiles, you can simply buy the packages for the reliable sellers. For example, you can Buy Instagram impressions to increase the reach of your post or you can buy twitter followers to improve your reputation on Twitter. Similarly, there are other techniques you can use to win more visitors.

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