A look back at some fun Halloween costumes from the biggest tech companies

Every year some funky and crazy costume ideas are introduced on the Halloween as this is the event when lots of people get together to enjoy the happy moments. Usually, friends make several plans for this event but sometimes the colleagues from a company also decide to enjoy the Halloween party together. In fact, parties are organized all around the world and everybody likes to look a little bit funky and unique.

The tech industry is growing at a super fast speed in the present era and there are various changes appearing in this industry every year. So, some tech companies have tried to design some amazing costume ideas in the past few years. The costume they designed was specifically designed for the Halloween party in their office but the images of those costumes went viral on the social media and many top designers tried to make some similar costumes.

This new idea became very popular because there are many tech lovers all around the world. So, such types of costumes are being made in almost all the countries. For example, if you are living in Ireland, you can easily find the tech-related Halloween costumes in Ireland. Let’s take a look at the tech-related Halloween costumes that became very popular in the previous years.

iPhone Costume

You might have seen this costume on the TV. An employee of Apple got this costume designed for the Halloween party that was organized on behalf of the company. The costume became really popular and many people got this costume designed for the next year’s Halloween. The costume is designed in a way where you’re supposed to wear an overcoat that has several features of iPhone displayed on it. The front part of the phone shows the home page while the logo is displayed on the back. This costume has become very popular now so you can easily find it in your local market.

Android costume

There are many android users around the globe. This costume became very popular in the past few years. Usually, people prefer buying this costume for their kids because it looks perfect on a kid’s body. However, you may also buy this costume for yourself if you’re going to attend a party in a tech company.

Pacman costume


The Pacman costume did not become popular like the other costumes. However, this effort was really appreciated. The person got the costume designed in a way that the game was displayed on the front of the costume. This idea didn’t become enough popular. However, you can choose to wear this dress if you want to look crazy on this Halloween.