Everything You Need To Know About Sound Bars and Why You Should Buy One.

You’re here because you want to know whether buying a sound bar is a good option for your home. If you want to a better sound from your television, then a sound bar may be your best option. This is because they are slim, unobtrusive and very easy to set up. Here is what you should know about sound bars and why you should buy one for your home.

They’re Easy to Set-Up

Most sound bar subwoofers today are wireless. You just plug them into a wall outlet and they’ll connect automatically. Most are also designed in a way that 1 cable comes from the television to provide the sound/audio signal. An optical digital cable is okay, but we recommend sound bars that will directly connect with an HDMI cable, since HDMI supports a lot of audio formats. That means you’ll get better sound quality, and a more immersive, surround sound experience. The best sound is definitely going to be coming from the best sound bar.  An HDMI AARC is a unique feature that is designed to make everything simpler and easier to use. AARC lets the TV communicate with the sound bar and it can send audio signals to the sound bar. It allows the user to use a single remote to control the volume.

They’re a Hub for Home Entertainment Gear

Certain sound bars can also act as a hub for home entertainment gear. That means all your gear are plug into the sound bar and just one HDMI cable runs up to the TV. You’ve probably come across numbers like 2.0, 3.1 or 5.1 when shopping. That refers to the number of channels the soundbar system supports. The first digit is the number of speakers, and the second digit refers to if the system has a subwoofer. 5 channel sound bars mainly include surround speakers. Typically, these are wireless, but you’ll still need a power source for them. So plan to have an outlet nearby.  Even Roku has one.

Sophisticated Technology

If the sound bar includes a third digit like a 5.1.4 then it means that it uses Dolby Atmos. This is the latest technology which bounces sound off the ceiling for a more immersive effect. You’re going to find that sound bars vary greatly in terms of the number of features and surround options they have, as well as the price. For instance, a simple sound bar offers great two channels sound for just $100, but you could also spend up to $1,000 for a Dolby Atmos sound bar if the sound bar is going to be on an entertainment.

They Produce Quality Sound.

Sound bars can either come with or without subwoofers. They produce enough bass on their own, which is a big improvement over television speakers. They also add a lot of punch and Rumble to movies thus making music sound fuller and generally fills a room with quality sound.


Make sure the height of the bar isn’t going to block the TV’s infrared or IRI. This is where it gets the remote control signal. Some sound bars have IR repeaters to work around this by passing the infrared signal back to the TV. But either way, make sure the sound bar isn’t so tall as it will block any of the TVs picture. It isn’t always possible to get a perfect match, but look for a sound bar that closely matches the width of the TV, especially when wall mounting as it just looks better.