Low Cost Gadgets and Tech Must Haves in 2018

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How to increase user experience on mobile and tablet devices: an expert view

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Taking a Look at the Best Computers and Tablets for Gamers

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A look back at some fun Halloween costumes from the biggest tech companies

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Free games that you can play on your tablet

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The top gadgets to increase your quality of sleep

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What’s the best way to use GPS on your tablet or mobile

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How Google Maps is Taking Over Marketing on Phones and Tablets

Google Places also known as Google Maps is a web mapping service and technology introduced by Google Inc. To win the race of marketing these days, companies are moving towards the internet more and more. They get their business listed on Google maps and divert the buyers to their business. It is a well known fact that the people all … Read More

Taking a look at the new features of iOS 11

It was like a moment we have all been waiting for. Apple has finally unveiled its new Ipad and Iphone operating system IOS 11 right there at the annual conference for developers. There has been a lot of upgrades on the new software which include Iphone to Iphone payment and “do not disturb while driving mode” among others. This software … Read More