Apps for secure ways of communication

Communication has become a lot easier these days as we can easily get in touch with our friends, family and even employees. The Internet has made all this become possible for us. Now we can send messages, share images and videos with our loved ones just by tapping a button on our smartphone. Smartphones have turned our world into a global village where everybody is connected with others.

There are plenty of communication apps available these days that can help you connect with your friends and relatives and most of them are free to download. There are so many amazing features available in these apps that you can use to share different files. The problem with some of these apps is that they’re not reliable and your personal information isn’t secured on those apps.

Some of these apps are specially designed by hackers who want to steal your personal information for some illegal act so you must try avoiding these apps as they can get you into extreme trouble. However, there are some apps that are completely secure where you can comfortably share your information with your loved ones.

Let’s take a look at these apps.


Facebook is the most popular communication app where you cannot only communicate with your friends but you can also add your status, images, and videos.

Facebook has been around us for many years and almost all of the people are using this app for entertainment. They have an excellent security system that cannot easily be hacked and they don’t share your personal information with anyone.

Even your information remains completely secure in their servers also as they’ve hired the world’s top-quality security services for their servers. They want to provide the best communication platform to their users so that users can freely communicate with their loved ones.


Whatsapp is another popular app that is specially designed for the communication. Whatsapp allows you to share your images, location, videos and different files with your loved ones without any fear. Whatsapp provides you the facility to create a group of friends where you can freely talk to your friends and enjoy the amazing moments of life.

Most of the global businesses are using Whatsapp for their communication as Whatsapp is the safest platform where they can share their confidential information without the fear of getting stolen. The best thing about WhatsApp is that you can use it for making audio and video calls as well. It provides you the best communication services.


Instagram is the app of the latest generation where youngsters share the amazing moments of their life with there and friends. Instagram allows them to edit their images according to their needs. Instagram is secure communication platform as most of the actors are also using this platform to share their thoughts and amazing moments with their fans.

There are many other communication apps also that you can use to communicate with your friends such as Line, Snapchat, Twitter etc.


Need internet while traveling? We analyse the best prepaid data plans for your tablet or phone

The Internet is a part of our daily life and we need to keep it on all the day. Usually, we use our wi-fi in our home to stay connected with the internet but we can’t stay connected to the internet while we’re travelling unless we have a perfect mobile data connection.

Mobile data connection is a useful way of staying connected to our friends but the problem is that most of the service providers offer the limited data plans due to which we have to spend a huge amount of money each month.

We’re bound to stay connected to the internet and there’s no way we can use to create our desired data plan. However, there are ways that can help us find the best data plans. In this article, we’re going to talk about the data plans of different service providers to help you find out the best data plan for your mobile or tablet.

Three Mobile

Three Mobile’s prepaid datentarif is a perfect option for you if you’re willing to find the perfect data plan for your mobile or tablet. Prepaid datentarif of Three mobile provides you with the 12GB data for 30 days in Germany and the rest of the Europe. You can also get 300 minutes and 3000 texts with this prepaid datentarif.

In my opinion, this is one of the perfect data plans. 12GB data is a really great opportunity and it is enough for 30 days. You can browse the internet while you’re travelling. You can even watch your favourite videos with your data plan. And you can also download files according to your needs.

You can find this prepaid datentarif for $25 only. There is another deal for you if you’re not willing to have limited data plan. You only need to spend $30 to find an unlimited data plan with 3000 texts and 500 minutes.

MiFi device

A mobile internet ‘mifi’ device is another useful option if you want to use the internet while travelling. These devices provide you super fast speed and you can connect up to 10 internet devices with them at a time. Their battery timing is also very good and you can use them for at least six hours.

The good thing about these devices is that you can even use them in your house as well. They provide you 150Mbps downloading and 50Mbps uploading speed (if you get a 4G sim card).

These devices are available on the Ebay at affordable rates but we strongly recommend that you buy a decent quality option. These devices will not only help you stay connected while travelling but they’ll also be helpful if your wifi isn’t working properly at home.

Another advantage of these devices is that you can provide their access to your friends as well.


How Google Maps is Taking Over Marketing on Phones and Tablets

Google Places also known as Google Maps is a web mapping service and technology introduced by Google Inc. To win the race of marketing these days, companies are moving towards the internet more and more. They get their business listed on Google maps and divert the buyers to their business. It is a well known fact that the people all over the globe are becoming technology savvy and this method is providing them the easiest route to find their favorite things at hand. The days are gone when one has to use the yellow pages to find a business or location. Now it has become an easy task to find a place from any phone or tablet.

Keeping the success of internet marketing in mind, many major search engines have introduced the local map listing like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If your business has listed in these search engines then you have quite good chances of exposure for your business. The Google Maps Optimization and Google local Optimization not only make searching easy but also provides the most accurate and updated information about the business and its services. Despite all these facilities though, this service is free of cost.

Since millions of people are searching on Google daily it is vital for all local businesses to take advantage of Google maps marketing strategies, and get their brand in front of as many people as possible. If you have not started listing your business on Google Maps then start using it now.  Maps also increase your visibility on the search engine results and direct more customers to your doorstep. The customers will not only get the minor details of your company like your contact information, complete address, product details in the form of photos and videos but it also provide complete guide to your address through maps. The maps will depict the exact location of your business and guide the buyer on how to reach your business place in an easy way. It also gives provision for satellite view of the place you are located at The customers can get a clear idea of reaching to your door with easy conveyance.

It is very easy to add your business to Google Maps and place in the top rank of search engine visibility. You will have to follow the following steps to get yourself listed:

  • Go the link https://business.google.com/businessCenter
  • lt will ask you to login with your Google Account.
  • After login click on “Add New Listing’.
  • lt will ask you to fill your complete information like Name, Address, contact Information, Email, Website and description of your business.
  • In the next step claim your business by following the instructions given by Google.
  • Add additional information like photos and videos to add more flair to the business.
  • Now you can search your business on Google and determine its position in the results.

You can improve the rank of your listing on search engine by providing complete information, using keywords wisely and listing in local directories like yellow pages etc. These steps will increase the customer diversion to your business, and allow you to show up on more phones and tablets.  With so many people resorting to their phones these days, it’s absolutely vital that you take advantage of that as best as possible..


Taking A Look At The Top Architecture Apps For Tablets And Phones

It is a commonly accepted fact that technology is rapidly changing the notion of design. You may be well aware that from touch screen drafting boards to 3D printing, the scope of innovative hardware is immense. On the contrary, there has also been a revolution in the way today’s architects are harnessing the software. By utilizing these types of software and applications, the authors are coming up with new ideas, which in turn allow them to handle and design projects on the go. With the advent of Smartphones, it is kind of interesting to note that architectural apps have proliferated at an extraordinary rate. Quite phenomenally, the best apps among them have completely changed the working method of various architects. Moreover, with the cross-platform characteristics of these apps coming to the forefront, these apps can now be used on multiple devices like Smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The architects in Joe Nahas Construction Company are increasingly using various architectural apps and bringing a change in the construction and architecture industry. Here is the list of top design apps that can be accessed from both mobiles and tablets.


BIMx eXplorer

It is frequently considered as one of the hallmark applications from the house of GRAPHISOFT. On the other hand, as per many technology journals, this is one of the best applications that an architect can use. This app features the BIMx Hyper-Model which is often regarded as an innovative technology. Moreover, this model also allows every design team member to have immediate access to detailed 3D and 2D documentation. It has a mobile friendly interface which is another reason behind its popularity. It puts information in the palm of an architect’s hand.


It is often known as one of the best 3D architecture applications in the world. It is being developed by Rhino. With this application, one can view 3D architectural models in any file format. This is an app that is ideal for architects working on any platform. This feature makes it a versatile app that can be used anywhere at any time on vivid numbers of mobile platforms.


AutoCAD 360

It is a valuable tool for the architects since the time of its inception. It is available on the leading mobile platforms free of cost which in turn allows the designer to measure while being on the site. It can also help an architect to annotate and draw with comments and images. There is a pro version of this application also available on the leading mobile platforms. The pro version is priced at 5 dollars per month. It allows the users to have access to additional features which also includes greater editing capabilities.

SketchUp Mobile Viewer

It is an essential viewing application for any regular user who is an ardent fan of 3D drawings. Hence, it can be used by architects too. It has a Tape Measure tool to view dimensions, selection panes, and scene animations. It is available on most of the major mobile platforms.


Create a site and share your knowledge of Mobile and Tablets with your friends

If you’re a mobile and tablet lover and love to learn all the important features of newly released mobiles and tabs, then you must share your knowledge with your friends and many other people who’re willing to find out the latest features of a mobile or tab.

It’s the era of technology and everybody wants to stay updated with the latest information about the technology. Some people want to learn about a specific brand such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia etc while others want to have information about all the top brands that are available in the market.

If you’re also among those who have a craze of gathering new information, then you must consider sharing your collected information with other people.

There are several ways of sharing information such as creating videos, writing articles or guest posts but we recommend you to create your own website so that people may recognize you. Guest posts aren’t as valuable as your own site because guest posts don’t provide you the identity that your own website can.

Here’s why you should create your own site:

Feeling of happiness

Sharing your information with others will make you feel happy and alive. The appreciation from others for the cool stuff that you produce will make you feel proud. Other people will appreciate your efforts and let others know about you if your information is valuable enough to share with others.

And thus, you’ll gain popularity among those who didn’t know you before.

Becoming a brand

Getting a lot of popularity among people will help you become a popular brand and people will know you by your effort and this is what makes you feel proud. The founder of WikiHow.com did the same thing.

He had a craze of learning new things and tips and ideas so he decided to share his gathered information with others and now he’s become a recognized brand among lots of people.

The same is the case with the founder of WhatMobile.com, who started a site to share the valuable information of mobiles and tablets with others. Right after a few years, he became popular and now he’s known as a popular brand.


You can even earn money from your site by placing ads onto it. There are many ad networks that offer you to place their ads on your site and in the return, they pay you some amount. Having plenty of visitors can help you earn thousands of dollars.

If you don’t have enough money to start your own site, you can create a FreeWebsite on different platforms that offer you to create a free website such as Wix, Weebly, and Blogger.

These platforms provide you the opportunity to share your information with others for free of cost. After earning some sufficient amount, you can easily create and promote your website on paid platforms.


Why should you carry a portable mobile or tablet charger with you?

The Gadgets and different devices are controlling the world in the present era. Mobile phones are tablets are the great invention of the present times that is essential for us. It gets difficult to spend our day if the mobile’s battery dies due to some reason.

Unfortunately, mobile and tablets work on the batteries and without a battery they’re useless. We should say that the batteries are the basic DNA for mobile devices. Your mobile will become dead and lifeless without the battery.

The problem is that regular use of mobile or tablet causes effects to the battery and the battery percentage starts decreasing earlier than before. You can’t carry your mobile’s charger everywhere with you and you can’t even find a place to charge your phone. You can only charge your phone in the home or in the office.

While in the subway, bus or in a restaurant or pub you don’t have the facility of charging your phone. So, what if your phone’s battery dies at a restaurant or at a pub or any other place like that, what would you do?

The truth is that everybody has experienced such situation and it is really disgusting and irritating. So, instead of getting angry, you should prepare for such problems so that you may not have to feel ashamed in front of your friends.

A portable charger is an ideal choice for such kind of situations. You can easily carry your portable mobile phone charger with you anywhere you want without any hassle. There are plenty of portable mobile phone chargers available these days but we strongly recommend you to choose best phone charger – top10bestpro.

Before you start looking for the portable mobile phone charger, let’s take a look at the most effective features of portable chargers.

Easy to carry

Portability makes it easier for you to carry the charger with you. Most of these chargers are lightweight, so they don’t cause any kind of fuss. Another good thing is that they come in small size and they can easily fit into your pocket.

Provide full power

These chargers provide full power that is necessary for your device. You can use these portable chargers to recharge your mobile phone or tablet whenever they run out of battery. These chargers can bring life back to your device.

No wires and cables

I love this feature of the portable chargers. I get irritated due to the unnecessary cables and wires with the devices. Thanks to portable charger manufacturing companies that they have provided me the solution to my problem.

If you hate extra cables and wires with your devices then I recommend you to buy a portable charger for your mobile phone because you can carry it with you without getting into any kind of trouble.

There are a lot of options and styles available for your choice. You may choose the one that is suitable for your device and style.


Taking a look at the new features of iOS 11

It was like a moment we have all been waiting for. Apple has finally unveiled its new Ipad and Iphone operating system IOS 11 right there at the annual conference for developers. There has been a lot of upgrades on the new software which include Iphone to Iphone payment and “do not disturb while driving mode” among others. This software promises to be amazing and to give a different experience to Iphone users. This software will be available in July. You can now stop waiting and download IOS 11 Beta in your Iphone 7

If you are still wondering what these new IOS 11 features are, then allow me tell you about them all.

Redesigned Messager

Apple imessage has taken a new turn with this IOS, a you can now synchronize messages across devices, so once you delete a message from one app, it will automatically delete it from every other places.  The iMessage also has a users payment through iMessage. If another user sends a message asking for payment, the software is capable of immediately recommending and a making the payment so you can quickly reimburse friends.

Smart Siri

Do you know that the Apple Siri Virtual assistant has a makeover now having more natural male and female voice and ability to translate languages from Chinese, German, French, and Italian to English and vice versa. Without losing a management in this, it can also be used for task management.

Better Camera and Photograph

Now this one of the most amazing things about Iphone and the new IOS 11. The camera in the IOS has a series of updates. It improved with better compression once you capture an image, make a video without losing the image or video quality. Still clear, sharp and colorful and also to add to it there is better low light photography through its dual camera.


Peer-toPeer Apple Payment

Apple added one of the most anticipated features of all which is the peer-to-peer payment system. This simply allows you to pay someone that is with in iMessage, this can easily be verified through the in-built fingerprint scanner and touch ID.

The Map

The map tool is now more sophisticated that before. It now adds speed limits guidance and even lane navigators. Now it means less problems for drivers to worry about.

Do Not Disturb Mode

This mode is one mode that will safe alive. In this new IOS, you can put your mobile phone on a “do not disturb mode while driving.”

The new looks is impressive

More than ever before, Apple took their time to make something that is attractive, with beautiful interface, yet simple. The redesign is really good having a 3D touch, user press for further details and even much more in-depth information.

Apple is really committed to make not just any product but a product that will provide and solve some of the problems that people face.


Does your Tablet’s Camera has the potential to Capture High Quality Images?

After reading the title you must be thinking that what kind of a question is it. Off course, my Tablet’s Camera is capable of capturing high-quality images. But stop and think again, does your mobile actually the ability to Capture high-quality picture, like Sports Cameras?

We know that you would answer no to this question because a sports camera can provide a lot better results than a Tablet.

There are plenty of brands available in the market these days that provide high-quality features in their products and we understand that now you can capture better quality pictures anywhere you want without any difficulty but the results that sports cameras can provide you are unbeatable.

The difference should always be there because sports cameras are specially designed for that purpose and the tablets have a lot more other quality features to offer.

If you’re a passionate photographer, you must consider buying a sports camera to capture the interesting moments of life. There is a wide range of sports cameras available these days at very reasonable rates.

At Goprobro you can find the valuable information about sports cameras and you’ll also get to know about some unique features of sports cameras. You can also compare different cameras to find what camera suits you the best.

Let’s take a look at the different quality feature that you can enjoy in a sports camera.

Shooting Angle

The biggest difference that you can find in a sports camera is the shooting angle. Ordinary tablet’s cam is used to capture the photos of others while the sports camera is good for capturing your own picture. Sports camera also allows you to capture the scenic views if you’re going on a journey with your friends or family members.

You can use the sports camera to capture long distance photos with perfect results.


Carrying the sports camera with you isn’t difficult at because it is very small in appearance so you can install it anywhere. Sometimes, these sports cameras are smaller than an adult’s hand. While it’s difficult to carry a tablet with you everywhere due to its size.


The sports camera is more for biking, surfing, skiing, and extreme sports like skydiving. Therefore, you’ll experience outstanding performance with the sports camera rather than the tablet camera.

Some important parameters for sports camera are heat resistance, shockproof and waterproof. If you think of buying a tablet with a waterproof feature it will cost you a lot and yet you’ll lack the picture quality.

With sports camera, you can get all these features at reasonable prices. If you need to access plenty of useful apps then you must purchase a good quality tablet but if you want to grow your passion by capturing the quality pictures, we recommend you to buy the sports camera. Because sports camera can help you accommodate your photographic needs.

learning 2

How to cut your learning hours if you’re in college?

One of the most daunting issues any college student faces is learning. In 2014, an average college student dedicated 17 hours per week learning or preparing for the courses. The preparation included homework, essays, test preparations, and reading, as well as many other requirements. It’s too much time, especially when compared to the fact that many courses require additional, off-classroom activities such as volunteering or practical learning.

Learning styles: find your shortcut through college

In college, students prevail to their preferred style of learning, which they’ve developed based on their natural preferences. There are several different learning styles, including visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary style. Each of them is based on the dominant intelligence premise, used to obtain and process the information you receive by your senses.

learning styles and technology

Most students, however, adapt to verbal learning style, which focuses on reading and writing as a primary way to gather and process the information. Most courses are in fact based on using your words, both written and spoken, to learn about different phenomena. However, verbal learning style can be followed by some other, such as logical (using logical reasoning to get the information), social (learning in a group), or solitary (learning by yourself).

Although it’s the most common way to learn, reading and writing come with downsides, which many students find the number one reason for not obtaining the results that equal the amount of time invested in learning. They struggle to get the maximum while still trying to save some time for extracurricular activities or a social life. Even when they do a study in a group, they’re not satisfied with the results.

How technology can help cutting learning hours

It’s nothing new in using technology in education or college. The digitalization of curriculums has been happening for quite some time now, and many experts predict that this trend will only continue to grow. Students have the opportunity to follow courses online, which severely cuts the time spent in the classroom. Besides that, the course requirements such as reading, tests, exams, and other are available in online form, which many students find easier to accomplish.

learning aids

But, when it comes to learning and preparation, there seems to lack that efficiency of relying on technology. Many students would like to use a device that is a combination of a laptop and an e-book reader, which would help them to cut the time spent in shifting their focus from screen to notebook. Luckily, with Entourage Edge, they can have the comfort they need. With its unique design which consists of two separate screens, a student can do the reading and writing at the same time, without splitting their focus. This way they’ll save time spent in shifting from notebook to the laptop. One screen functions as a tablet and can be used in taking notes, online researching, or e-mail correspondence with the tutor. On the other screen, a student can read his material without interrupting it with writing. That way, they’ll do more work in the same amount of time but without taking breaks or pausing the learning over reading.


Why any book lover should switch to an e-book reader – and which one to choose

With the advantages of modern technologies, book lovers can enjoy in their readings in different ways. There are many e-book readers on the market, which can offer e-booksyou hassle-free readings wherever you go. The greatest benefit of having an e-book reader is that you can easily access your book, without having to worry about damaging it.

On the other hand, e-book readers are more convenient than a printed book. They allow you to bring as many books as you want. Published books are heavy, too, especially if you carry several at the same time.

E-book reader: changing the landscape of reading

Some hardcore book readers can argue that having an e-book is not the same as holding a printed book, which is only partially correct. Although you’re not “holding” a book readingdigital book, you still have an interaction with a book. E-book readers allow you to get the same feeling of turning the pages of the book: with scrolling up or down, or jumping to one page from another. As a matter of fact, with an e-book reader you can quickly skip the pages or chapters you don’t want to read, or to get back to some part of the book you liked.

On the other hand, you can also post comments, highlight some important parts of the book, or add notes without damaging the book itself. And there are many other options you can benefit from, as well: from changing the position of the text by rotating the screen horizontally or vertically, to zooming in or zooming out.

Which e-book reader gives the best book reading experience

As we already mentioned, there are different e-book readers on the market, which makes it difficult to choose the best for you. To help you out with making the right decision, here are some usual things you should look for in an e-book reader.

#1 Screen size

The most valuable asset of an e-book reader is it’s screen because it’s the core of your reading experience. You’ll find e-readers from 5 to 10 inches (measured diagonally) but remember: the bigger screen will occupy a larger space in your purse. Plus, it can be heavy to wear and too pricey. Besides a regular one screen e-book reader, you can also find a dual screen reader, which comes with the additional features. Check out the video bellow for the presentation:

#2 Connectivity

Some e-book readers will give you a 3G wireless Internet access, which will make it easier to get to the new content. You should check out the specific features of the desired e-reader since there can be significant variations in regards to the cost.

#3 Performance

The two most important features for having a premium reading experience is the clarity of type on the screen and the contrast between the text and the background of the screen. Make sure you check out both features before you make a purchase because they will determine the quality of your reading.

e-book reader